Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals for 2012

I love a new year... 

a fresh new start,

isn't that an awesome feeling? 

A new year.. exciting new opportunities... new plans... new goals... I prefer to set goals for a new year rather than make resolutions. Resolutions (for me) tend to fall by the wayside, whereas goals are something I can continue to peck at bit by bit.

Last year I chose a word for the year as well.

2011's word was 


2012's word is still undecided. 

I am stuck between 


My word for the year is merely an overarching goal for the year... a focus area beyond all my other goals. My word is one I pray about and has spiritual significance for me, however, many people choose a word for the year that has no real spiritual meaning- rather just one of discipline. It is a fun little idea. For a little more info on what I'm talking about, check out this link:
2012 - One Word

For 2012, I have set many goals. Here is a sampling:

Goals to.... READ

Liberty of Obedience by Elisabeth Elliot
Prayer by E M Bounds -a large volume containing several of his writings. (begin)

Prayer by E M Bounds (finish)
A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

Goals to... Create

Marbleized clay heart pendants (I completed this little project last Saturday- I love the result.)

Tote bags with vintage fabrics

Hand crafted paper

Goals to... Get Active

  • Snowshoe, X country ski or walk for at least 1/2 an hour every day during the cold months.
  • Use my kayak at least once a week during the warm months (this certainly will not be hardship to implement as I love it so, but it is hard to find the place, people to go with, etc.)
  • Walk, Hike, etc. for at least 1/2 an hour every day during warm months.

Goals to... Do

  • Post at least 4 items a month in my etsy shop.
  • Memorize scripture.
  • Share Christ boldly in love and with joy!

These are just a few of the goals I have for 2012.  Will I accomplish them all? I hope so. However, I know that if I don't reach a goal on a time table I have set, I can set a new goal and peck away at it until it is done.

Here are some resources I have found helpful in planning for this year:

  • Productive Flourishing -- Charlie Gilkey has created and gives away freely some very helpful charts. I especially like his "Monthly Action Planner" "Annual Strategic Planner" and "The Blog Post Planner"
  • Money Saving Mom has a Books I Plan to Read list that is exactly what I was looking for in planning for this year. I find her weekly "10 Goals for This Week" posts to be motivational. Here is an example: 10 Goals for This Week There are a LOT of resources on her blog, be sure to take some time and look around.

I would love to hear from others on what your goals are for 2012, how you decide on those goals and what you use for resources in planning them...

Happy 2012!!

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