Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our biggest problem...Ahem, MY biggest problem

"Our biggest problem... is not the environment in which we have been reared, it is not the evil that has been done to us by others; it is not the limitations that we feel so acutely. Our biggest problem is a heart that wants its own way in opposition to God's way."     ~Jim Berg, Changed into His Image, pp 34-35

Ouch! That hits it doesn't it? I know it does for me. I would love to blame all that is wrong and/or painful in this life on others but the fact is.... my greatest struggle is the one in my heart. The fact that I want or think I need something that is in opposition to what I know God wants for me. And I know if I am walking closely with Christ, those problems which seem to propel me towards disobedience won't seem so large. If my focus is on Him... not my problems.. I CAN, in the midst of those troubles, have joy! 

Look with me for a few moments at the following pictures. 
In this first picture is a pseudo scorpion.

Pretty impressive, huh? 
And when you consider that this fine fellow was in my bathtub... well.. that thought can be downright frightening!

Now, look closely at this next photo, please:

In this photo is my guinea pig, Bea, and the pseudo scorpion.
He doesn't look quite so scary now does he? 

Our problems can be a bit like that pseudo scorpion. When I focus on my problems, they seem huge!! They can be frightening-- horribly so. BUT, if I put those problems in the proper perspective, remembering Who is in control and that He is with me, loving me... they won't seem so horrible any longer.
Oh, that I would FULLY grasp this in my heart!


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