Friday, June 24, 2011

Let the children play...

Think with me for a moment back to your childhood..... do you remember long summer days hanging out at home, playing with your friends? I do.

I remember....

Making mud pies
           I remember feeding them to my dog. She was just a tiny little beagle. Her name was Tiny as a matter of fact. And for whatever reason, that dog would eat a mud pie! I had more fun with that little dog. 

Swimming in the river
Yes, we actually swam in the river. There were bloodsuckers in there, fish and snapping turtles and somehow we managed to have a fantastic time!! This was a favorite pastime of the summer.  I remember when I was junior high age, the swimming hole in the river down behind my house became the "hot spot" to swim and hang out in one summer (for a few weeks anyway, until my Dad put a stop to it.) I remember the awesome time I had that few weeks as even much older teens would come and swim! It was party central and I loved it!

Riding bikes
How many miles did I ride on bikes as a child and teenager? I would ride round and round in the the driveway and go around the neighborhood. As a teenager, I would go for much longer bike rides and even enjoyed riding bikes with my boys when they were young.
Playing with the little boy next door
We did "nothing" most days and were always getting into trouble for it! I remember when I was about 7 he felt I should learn how to drive. He was an expert driver at the ripe old age of 6. We got in a little old Datsun his parents had and he drove it around out back of his parents' property. Then it was my turn. I was SO scared but pretty thrilled too and promptly drove that car right into the side of their barn! (He was always my protector. He quickly had us change seats so that he got in trouble for it - not me. He was my hero!)
A friend and I actually spent one whole afternoon when I was around 11 years old looking for the end of the rainbow. Yeah, it was a great adventure! I have no idea how far my friend and I walked... we kept thinking we were getting closer and we were anxious to see if there actually was a pot of gold waiting for us! Eventually, the rainbow disappeared and we had to walk back home through the fields and woods having procured no gold! But we had a great time just the same.

As a young child I remember well the thrill of swinging on a small swing, and as a preteen teen I remember I would sit in a lounge type swing, where I would swing and read for hours.

These are just some of the memories of summertime from my childhood. Do you remember any of these? Remember the looonnngg hours of summer, how great it was? Days just filled with playing outside and one little adventure after another.

My own two sons spent most of their childhoods right here at home. We would go once a week or so and visit friends and or go to a park but most of their lives as young children were spent right here on our 5 acres. They built forts, played with friends, played with their cars in the dirt (do children do this anymore??), ran under the sprinkler, read books, had picnics, rode bikes, tried to fly (yeah, really!), investigated ant hills, got dirty, used their imaginations.....

Sadly now, I read more and more that children do not play. They must be given activities to do. Where has imagination gone Mommas???
Let the children play... 
let them have the freedom to get dirty and have an adventure! 
They will only be children for a short time... 
the land of make-believe only exists for us for a few short years... 

don't let them miss it...

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  1. I love this post. My biggest tip for encouraging play is to UNPLUG!

  2. Thank you! :) ~~~I agree wholeheartedly - unplug AND take away those handheld devices from children. So they can LIVE their lives! :) :)