Friday, June 10, 2011

I know for a fact Rosie O'Donnell would not approve... But hey, Ted Nugent would and he is MUCH cooler....



Even the words THRILL me!

My recent desire for, and enjoyment of guns, surprises even me. After all, I am one of those women who loves to bake...  I like to garden, -you know, veggies, herbs, and pretty flowers. I wear skirts a lot and never go anywhere without make-up on. I get excited over cute shoes and I think babies and little children are so very sweet. I like to write, do research, and read. Most people consider me to be a quiet, seriously-minded woman. (Oh, how little they know me... hehehe.) So... Guns? Seems a little out of character for me.

I got my first little taste for shooting at a youth group leader's house as a teenager. I was a dismal failure at it. I remember I landed on my tush and had a sore shoulder for over a week. I didn't have another opportunity to shoot again until last fall when my youngest son taught me how to shoot a .22 rifle. Shortly thereafter, a friend showed me her .22 pistol....

oh my...

that was it...

I couldn't stop thinking about them. I NEEDED a handgun of my very own.  For Christmas, I received a 9mm. Woot! Woot!

Recently, I took an handgun safety course and FINALLY got to fire Bertha. (She is a mean looking girl, I had to give her a tough name! ~smile)

Need I say it?  I have found a new obsession...

I just love the feel of firing a gun. It is like a power rush!  And, I hope you don't think I'm TOO weird but....I absolutely love the smell of gun powder.

Yeah, I'm sure Ms. O'Donnell would NOT approve. I'm sure she would give me a stern lecture and try to convince all the...              bees....                   to boycott....       my garden....

but that is just fine with me. 

After all, 

Ted Nugent is much cooler than she is.

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