Thursday, June 23, 2011

God provides even the small desires of our hearts

My story first begins about 45 days ago, when I first began visiting greenhouses for the year. I had been wanting to buy some portulaca to put in my flower bed along my driveway. Sadly, I have been unable to find any in my area to purchase. I was at a bit of a loss of what to put in this flower bed. It really needed something along with the perennials and the few petunias I had purchased. Working out in it a few days ago, I was a bit discouraged. In my mind, portulaca would be the only plant that would achieve the look I wanted.

Once again I must go back a few weeks in time.... deciding to try something new with my pumpkins this year, I decided to put them in pots. I found several old pots in my shed I could use for this. One of the pots, I hadn't used in a few years and it still had old soil in it. For no particular reason, I didn't plant any pumpkins in it. Instead I set this pot beside my front door and began watering the soil in prep for whatever plant(s) I would put in it eventually.

A few weeks went bye and I still watered the pot and thought about what to put in it. This is unusual for me. I usually like to have something "cute" by my front door to display flowers in this time of the year. This plain plastic pot with nothing but old dirt in it is not cute. However, each day I felt the need to water it and just leave it alone.

A few days ago, as I was going outside, I noticed something had begun to grow in this pot. Initially I assumed it was just weeds, whose seeds would have blown in this spring as the pot sat there. It had been so long since I had planted anything in this pot, it did not occur to me that there could actually be any viable seeds laying dormant in it from plants that were once planted in it. Taking a closer look, I was both surprised and thrilled to realize it was portulaca growing in this pot! The very plant I had been looking for and was unable to find!

Isn't that exciting? God has given me these small little desires of my heart... I am rejoicing today in this tiny little blessing that God has given to me. They look so small but to me they mean so MUCH. I can not help but think how much my God loves me each time I walk out my front door!


  1. God answers before we ask. ;) Celebrating how much He loves us, and goes to the effort of prompting our heart to demonstrate it. Beautiful!

  2. God gives us delight in little things--so glad you were observant and saw what might have been missed!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, Rosemarie and Carol. Your comments mean so much! :)