Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yesterday, my son and daughter in law stopped by my house to give me a little gift. 
I opened the package to find a bib that said,  
"I Love Grandma" 


I wept tears of joy.

There are times in life when I wonder why am I so blessed? Why has God seen fit to bless me so? To think that a little child will join our family next June, the joy of that thought is so wonderful I am nearly ready to burst.

I have been blessed with two wonderful sons and had prayed to be blessed with more children (through adoption if possible), this has been my earnest prayer for many years now. God has not blessed me with more children of my own, but He has seen fit to bring along a little grandbaby. Ooooo! I realize I will have to share this little one with his/her parents and another set of grandparents, but just the thought-- a cuddly sweet little child - possibly a bouncing little boy like his Daddy or pretty little girl like her Mommy. To realize that God already knows this little one. He has known him or her since the beginning of time! How wonderful! And next June I will hold this little one in my arms. Oh, isn't that amazing?!

Oh my son and his wife, his beautiful little wifey, as he calls her, are young and as poor as church mice. It is true. But they love each other and they are so happy about this little one coming along. A baby born into a house full of love, that is something money can not buy.

I purchased my first little gift for this sweet little grandbaby today. The book, God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren. It is the story of a little polar bear. She asks her Mama, "Mama, where did I come from?" Her mother tells her, "from God." Mama tells her little cub the story of her pregnancy and how when she first heard Little Cub's heartbeat, "I cried happy tears then." "Why?" the little one asked her... "Because God had given us you," Mama bear told her. It is a beautiful story and the illustrations are lovely.

I am so very, very glad my precious little grandbaby, 
growing inside your Mommy's belly, 
that God has given us 

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