Friday, July 8, 2011

Feminine not frumpy!!

I've previously mentioned in this post Why I wear skirts alot that I enjoy wearing skirts

a lot

I love to look "girly". I wear a skirt while cleaning out my hen house, hoeing in my garden, working in the woods (working on  firewood), shoveling gravel, shoveling snow, etc, etc.... you get the idea. I wear them nearly all the time!

One thing I am conscious of beyond the modesty question is...
I hate to look frumpy. 
Oh, ugh, how I hate frumpiness!! 
Oh yes, I do. 

I HATE it!!

God wants us to be modest but it is not immodest to look attractive! 

I'll tell you, it is very difficult as a full-figured women wearing skirts to NOT look frumpy. I do so enjoy "cute" fashions....something with a little style... yet, I am not a trendy type dresser. I have neither the desire or the money to wear the latest fashions, but I am conscious as I dress each day to try to look as pleasant as my situation allows, --yes, even to just go split wood. ~Smile

Recently, I came across the blog of one young woman that truly inspires me fashion-wise. (She is not plus sized, but many of her fashion choices would look lovely on larger gals, too.) She is stylish, cute, and.... 

of all things... 

you just won't believe it.....


I absolutely adore her style. AND there is not even the tiniest bit of frumpiness in any of her posts that I have seen!

You really must have a little look at her blog, whether you enjoy wearing skirts or not.....If you think modest clothing has to be frumpy, boring, or outdated... think again!!

Warning!!! Looking at her blog may change how YOU feel about wearing skirts. ~smile

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