Monday, July 11, 2011

Want to look GREAT?? Then you really do need to have these.

In my last post I spoke a little about "frumpiness". It was a light-hearted post and said a bit with tongue-in-cheek. Today I want to share what I believe are the two most important fashion assets any woman (or man for that matter) can have. Want to look GREAT?? Then you really do need to have these.

1. A smile.
Not a fake, pasted-on, "I really can't stand you but am smiling anyway" smile, but rather a sincere smile that comes from peace and joy deep in our hearts. The kind of smile that says "all is well with my soul". A smile that adds a twinkle to our eyes and a spring to our step! Do you know that a smile makes you look younger? It may add "smile lines" but a smile makes other wrinkles less noticeable. There really is nothing quite so attractive as a woman or man whose joy of life shows in their face. Attractive is an apt term to describe a person who has a wonderful smile- people are literally drawn to them. A smile is free and makes you feel great as well.

2. A servant's heart.
 A woman who serves and sincerely cares for others is BEAUTIFUL. I know several women like this. They give, give, give and they never let on to others how much they are serving... you never hear them "brag" and seldom do you even hear them mention in passing what they are doing to serve..     

....And you know what? Even though they may not wear the latest fashions, wear little or no make-up, have simple hair styles, etc., they are honestly beautiful.

It is a beauty that comes from within.

It can not be faked,  no make-up can give the appearance that it is there when it isn't...
but you can not mistake this kind of beauty when you see it.

I have noticed women like this before and for a few brief moments I have thought... "if that woman just shortened her shirt a bit so it wasn't pulled so tightly down over her stomach, wore a different height of heel, applied a little mascara...." then as I watched her with others... watched as she served when tired...with a smile.. I realized she didn't need anything else to look more attractive. She was beautiful.

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