Saturday, July 23, 2011

The weird, the bizarre, the unusual ... the real me.

I have read other bloggers' "10 guilty pleasures", this is my take on it.

Bugs, snakes, spiders... you know, all that stuff girls are supposed to be afraid of... I am drawn to them. While other women shriek and run away from them, I clap with joy and run to them!

Thunderstorms....lightening to be exact. I have an incredible urge every time I see lightening to run outside to an open space with arms outstretched so I can feel it. I have resisted this urge thus far in my life, but if in the future you hear of a woman burnt to a crisp on her front lawn during a thunderstorm... you'll know I gave in!

Non-fiction...I have a very hard time reading fiction, unless it is written pre-1900. When I have an hour or two to read, I nearly always read non-fiction, many times taking notes. This may sound like a round-about way to brag but honestly it isn' makes me feel a bit "out of it" at times. It can also be a bit annoying. Friends recommend books to me, I check them out from the library, and I have all I can do most times to manage to get through the first chapter. I want to read the latest and greatest, too... but instead I'm stuck back in 1850.

Facebook... Okay, this isn't weird or strange.... unless you don't get it. THEN, it may seem odd. I do not spend hours on there each day, but I do enjoy reading the statuses and articles posted. I work on a project for an hour or two and if I'm home I'll check Facebook for 5 minutes or so. It is a fun little addition to my life!

Notebooks...I nearly always have a notebook with me. It is rare for me not to. I have little ones (yes, two) I carry in my handbag (which is quite small itself!) I am always jotting down notes and thoughts and have notebooks full of a paragraph or two of random thoughts.

Boxes...I collect unusual or cute-to-me boxes. Yeah, boxes. I have to be careful or I will have quite a stack. About once a year or so, I go through the ones I am not using and burn most of them. I use them to organize papers, and etc.

I sing to myself...nearly all the time when I am alone. A few times I have been caught doing this within hearing range of others.. I hum, too. I try not to when others are around but sometimes....My boys grew up listening to me sing and singing with me... I remember when they were young, an Amy Grant song came on the radio and my youngest son thought it was me singing... ah the ears of love! Now mostly just my guinea pig must endure it although on occasion I have been caught singing to my chickens!!

Why?.... I want to know the reasoning behind things. I can seldom take anything at face value, everything must be researched before I can call it my own. And conversely, I find fascinating what many find dull... to know that the base of much modern thought actually goes back centuries is so interesting to me! Much of what we think or how things are done today is because of the ideas of men many years ago. To me, that kind of stuff is cool. (Note: If you are looking for the Truth, look no further than the Word of God, the Bible. Authors like Francis Schaeffer can help you "put it all together" as well. We must have a solid base!)

Well, that is all I can come up with for now... there are not 10... I may add on eventually or maybe not, maybe I'll keep the rest a secret. ~smile


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  1. I totally relate to the 1800's thing, fiction intolerance, needing reasoning behind things, and notebooks. With bugs, I'm opposite, tho! And the way you are with lightening, I am with rain. Can't get enough rain!

    (*You don't have to publish this next portion of my comment, as it's more personal...)to introduce myself, I found your blog through the Bangor homeschool yahoo groupwhich I was a part of for a couple years. I don't think we ever got to meet, though. We had to move out of state last year, but I still recieved the group emails for a while and found the link to your blog there. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say I enjoy your blog (this post especially) and say "hi"!