Monday, August 22, 2011

On a new journey....

Being in the season of life I am is a bit scary, yet it is exciting too. Any new journey holds elements of both emotions-- apprehension over what is to come and excitement at the thought of something new.

I've gone from career woman to stay at home Mom to home educator and now my role is mostly one of homemaker. I enjoy my life. I do. Matter of fact, I think for the most part, I am living the good life.

I am not one who cares for material things (I have other vices, let me assure you.). As long as basic needs are met financially, I'm a happy woman. I am very content to do the majority of my clothes shopping at Thrift Stores. I love the challenge of finding something cute that fits.  At my favorite shop, all the clothes are 50 cents a piece. Fantastic. Even my limited budget allows that. Also, I enjoy gardening and freeze and can nearly all our veggies for the winter months from my one small garden. Throughout the summer, we eat a lot of salad made with fresh greens... I plan to plant some nice dark greens inside this fall to enjoy throughout the winter as well. (I had poor results with this attempt last winter but am determined to try again.) Wild game is frequently on my dinner menu, although I do enjoy a good beef hamburger on occasion. I would really like to raise a meat goat or 2 and some chickens for meat as well. Right now, I have 8 beautiful Rhode Island Red ladies that are getting older but still producing all our egg needs plus about an extra 2 dozen or so a week I either sell or give a way. So, with these needs met, I have no desire to go back out into the career world for monetary reasons.

Each day tends to be filled with opportunity and I enjoy a variety of activities. A good deal of my time is spent on household chores, cooking, and gardening, but I do have time for other pursuits as well....

Reading. Casually, yes, but mostly for research. I have an unquenchable desire for knowledge that I must always keep in check or else I would spend too much time learning about various subjects that have no real application to my life (Re: the life of Voltaire, nuclear fision, the Spanish inquisition, etc.)

Writing. I have had a few bits published and would enjoy pursuing that a bit more but at present I am content just writing little blog posts and notes in my notebooks.

Making all-natural soaps. My favorite is a coconut and olive oil soap with calendula blossums and clove bud essential oil. Smells amazing and is so good for your skin!

Baking bread. I love to experiment with artisan type breads and multi-grains. If I had a market for these, I would enjoy baking and selling a few dozen loaves a week.

Working with children and volunteering in my community. I love people! I so enjoy meeting new and different people, chatting with them and hopefully having the opportunity to share a little bit about my precious Lord and what He has done for us.  I look forward to being involved with a new children's ministry at my church this fall and enjoy working in the ladies' ministry at my church.

Kayaking and firearms. New passions... so fun!!

Making handbags from upcycled materials. It is so fun to go into a thrift shop and look at clothes and see a potential handbag. This is a creative-bent I greatly enjoy. Although, I mainly enjoy sewing in the fall and winter, having little desire for it in the warmer months.

So as you can see, my life is anything but dull...being a homemaker is fun, inventive, challenging, tiring, dirty, hard work, satisfying, fulfilling.... hmmm... maybe this new season isn't so bad after all.

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