Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where do I go from here?


In less than three weeks, my youngest son will be married. In May, my oldest son graduated from college. He is recently engaged and will be married July 2012. 


It is not that I am not happy for my sons and these changes in their lives but I'm not sure if I'm ready for the transition in MY life. That may be a selfish admission but it is the truth.

Having become a mother for the first time at age 19, it seems as though I have always defined myself as a mother. Certainly this is true for my adult years. Although I would have planned on waiting a bit longer to start the journey of motherhood, I did expect to travel this road a bit longer than I have (with more children was my hope.) Many of my peers have younger children and are still in the thick of it, while I am at the end of the road. 

I went from being a single, working Mother to a cloth-diapering, breast-feeding, at-home Momma to a home-educating Mom. Those transitions were natural and I embraced them. (I loved being on the cusp of the home education movement. Others having blazed the trail before me. I have always enjoyed doing things a bit out of the main-stream.) But now.... 

How do I define myself now? What is my purpose? In this new season of life, what exactly is the next journey I am setting out on?

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  1. (You'll never stop being a mom, even when they're gone.)
    In this new season of life, look for God to give you wonderful, exciting new ministries. Be open to what He leads you to do.
    Share with us what He does, please!