Saturday, January 21, 2012

Think, think, think

While out shopping with a friend just before Christmas, I came across the book The Liberty of Obedience by Elisabeth Elliot at a thrift store. I looked it over but decided not to buy it. Later in the day we went to another thrift shop and there it was again... I figured I should buy it - maybe God was trying to tell me something!

I am so glad I did purchase it. Elisabeth Elliot shares great wisdom in this little book and I read several passages over and over.  E. Elliot has a easy to read, conversational style of writing. Each time I read one of her books, I feel as though I have had a little visit with her. This book is written in just this way. I greatly enjoyed the time I spent learning from her.

In the LoO, Elisabeth shares how she thought she knew what worldliness was before she arrived to teach the Auca people.  She was shocked when she first got there because the people were so friendly to her. She expected them to be hostile because they lived in a Godless society. She went to the Word of God to learn how to relate to them and share His gospel with them.

I love her perspective. Many times we get all caught up in what we think is "the right way" to do something (something we already know is good), when God gives no specific guidelines in His Word -- rather He is looking at our heart- the WHY of what we are doing rather than the "how".

"It appears that God has deliberately left us in a quandary about many things. Why did He not summarize all the rules in one book, and all the basic doctrines in another? He could have eliminated the loopholes, prevented all the schisms over morality and false teaching that plagued His Church for two thousand years. Think of the squabbling and perplexity we would have been spared. And think of the crop of dwarfs He would have reared!

He did not spare us. He wants us to reach maturity. He has so arranged things that if we are to go on beyond the "milk diet" we shall be forced to think. We must train our faculties by practice to distinguish between good and evil..." p. 84

"We shall be forced to think." I love that phrase... God doesn't want mindless, unthinking, zombies.... he wants thinking, maturing followers... people who choose to live for Him!

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, "Think, think, think."

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