Monday, January 23, 2012

Joy... JOY!

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Joy is much like happiness but deeper.

Joy is a funny thing. If we try to find joy (or happiness), it may seem impossible to find. In the searching for it, we lose it. If our one goal is to find joy for ourselves (to be happy), it will allude us.

And yet...

when we...

use the little acrostic..

J - Jesus
O- others
Y- you

WOW. There it is...


Our lives... lived in the proper perspective... will yield joy.

True joy = living for Christ, serving others and focusing on my needs/wants/desires last.

Everything within our human souls cries out just the opposite-- "What about ME?"

Yet, when I am last, then... joy, there it is. What a blessed little revelation.

It is not easy and I certainly can't do this all on my own, when I try do it in my own strength (which is all too often), it slips away. Only with Him am I able..
..moment by moment seeking to rely on Him...

Source: via Annie on Pinterest

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  1. Lovely reminder of what is important - and the order in which to focus. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome, Lori! It is something I am working on moment by moment.. :-)