Thursday, January 12, 2012

Having my say....

I have written and rewritten this post several times now...tossed it around in my head for years, looking for the right words... I like to keep my blog as an uplifting little spot on the web whenever possible, hence the name, however I feel it is time for me to post about the horrific tragedy that is happening in our country.

Many times when I have posted about this subject on Facebook, I have been the recipient of some very real anger - name calling, insinuations of a lack of intelligence, etc. The thing that strikes me about most of those who are so angry is that they are unwilling to do any research on the subject and see what is really happening. That really scares me - they are giving their full support to something so incredibly heinous that they themselves are afraid to research the subject or to view videos of it.

The following link contains one such video. This video is very graphic. It contains pictures of babies who have been aborted.... I know we don't like to think about this. It is horrible, sad, gruesome. However, wouldn't you agree that is time for us to stop turning our heads away and face up to what is going on?? Innocent blood is being shed-- who will speak for them? I myself have become complacent. I've gotten busy with life and honestly just didn't want to think of this going on. Years ago I was more involved, now I can't even find the little pin with the tiny feet on it that I wore for years... it was so easy to fall into complacency ....

The video is at this link: Here's the Blood 
I would caution children against viewing it. 14 years+ would seem a bit more appropriate. I honestly believe every adult should view this (yes, you can handle it- unless you have some underlying emotional medical problem.) It will shock you, and it will sadden you. It will cause you to weep and it will cause you to cherish your own children and grandchildren all the more. After viewing this video, there will be no doubt in your mind that these are babies (not just pieces of tissue) being aborted.

This website also contains information on how we can become involved in changing things around-- making the life of an unborn child valuable once again in America.

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