Monday, November 7, 2011

To post or not to post, that is the question!

Hmmm...writing blog posts...

I struggle with how often to post and what to post. I nearly always have something I could post but yet neglect to post. (Seriously, did I use the word post enough?? ~smile)

I have over twenty posts in draft form and many more I have posted and then removed.

Why am I this way?

Sometimes I feel that what I have to share no one would really be interested in...
Sometimes just writing a "draft" is all I need for me... the need to write is fulfilled.

So, what will you read here on this blog?

That's a tough call.

There are bound to be plenty of ramblings (usually snippets of my complete thoughts on a subject).
I would love to say that anyone could come here to read great words of wisdom but since I am firmly grounded in reality... you may get my take on wisdom for what it is worth... (~smile)

However, I can assure you that when I post from the Word,
IT (The Bible)

I hope to share more practical tips..
making soap,
natural cleaner how-to's, etc.,

Possibly I will share some sage advice from a veteran home educator (~smile).

Even though I am not sure what exactly I will share in the future here on this blog, I do have one over-arching goal and desire for this, my little place on the web. ~~My one greatest desire with my blog is that all I would write would bring glory to Christ and that I would post nothing that would be a stumbling block to a fellow believer or someone seeking Christ or that anything I would post here would in any way hurt my precious Lord and Savior.

Thanks so much for reading....

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