Saturday, March 19, 2011

But it is going to hurt!!

Just over a year ago, I sprained my ankle. I was confident after doing a bit of research (Ugh- me and my research!) that it was just a sprain, so I used the knowledge I gained instead of going to a physician. 

Problems in this life are a lot like my ankle problem. At the outset, it might appear easier to just ignore a problem (or as I did - try to deal with it on my own. Which amounted to resting it for a few weeks, then ignoring it.) Dealing with our problems sounds like it will be so much work. It is very likely it will be a lot of work. And just as with my foot, ~doing the exercises to improve it are painful~ there may be new pain when dealing with an issue in this life, and we want to avoid pain, right?

The only thing is, ignoring a problem does NOT make it go away. Matter of fact, ignoring it or trying to muddle along on our own in dealing with it, can create other problems that are more painful. What was initially just an ankle problem became a problem in my calf and a very painful problem in my foot. As it turns out, it was a BAD sprain. Because of this, the ankle did not strengthen on its own and my foot (and calf) developed problems as a result as my body tried to compensate for an ankle that couldn't do what it was intended to do.

To hobble through this life in pain when we don't have to is foolish and fruitless. There have been many things I could not do because of the pain and injury in my foot and ankle. I am happy to report, that I am now in physical therapy. After only 1 week (3 visits to PT and daily exercises at home) I am already beginning to see an improvement in my foot. It makes me wonder ....... 
              How many opportunities, blessings, etc. have been missed because of an unwillingness to deal with tough issues in life?..... How much fruit has been lost as a result???

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