Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goals updated...

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything here - nearly two months exactly. I purposefully wanted to take a break to do some serious thinking (and praying) about what this, my little spot on the web, should be. I have come to no firm conclusions, but do continue to pray that anything I write here will glorify God and be a blessing to others.

I thought I might give a little update on my goals that I posted a couple of months ago. You can read that post here: Exciting Changes Ahead

I am afraid that this post will not be terribly interesting to read, but in posting my goal updates, I find it keeps me accountable and, in at least one area (oops!), reminds me what goals I have set for myself. ~smile

The following are my goals and the progress, if any, that I have made.

1. Be ACTIVE at least 45 minutes everyday. ~~ I have been implementing this goal into my life faithfully when illness has not prevented me. I am happy to report that in the last 3 months or so, I have lost 15 pounds! I couldn't be more thrilled and I look forward to becoming more healthy in the future. ~smile

2. Learn to drive a standard.  ~~ Haven't had the opportunity to do this yet...

3. Be confident using firearms. ~~ Haven't spent anymore time using these yet...

4. Get out on the water at least once a week, either in my kayak or in my canoe. ~~~Haven't been out on the water yet this year! Sure would like to -- soon!

5. Build up the soil in my garden.~~ I have worked hard in my little garden this spring and it appears to be doing very well.

6. Keep my furnace room organized. ~~ This is still a bugaboo for me. And I must confess that I had forgotten I had set a goal for myself to work on this!

7. One day out of every 10, visit shut-ins, people who aren't feeling well, etc. ~~ I need to be more faithful in this area!

8. Be bold about sharing Christ with others.~~ This is an ongoing process for me --of getting myself out of the way and sharing Him.

9. EVERY day, spend time talking to my Lord and drinking from the Water of His Word. ~~Wish I could say that I didn't still struggle in this area, but I do! However, I do use my time on my elliptical to pray. There is nothing like working out and praying. It brings out so much- I find the more tired, hot, etc. I get, the more open I am with my Lord- literally crying out to Him. It is a precious time.

10.  I will be ON TIME or even early...~~ My best friend mentioned just the other day how I am not late to things anymore. :) Yup, I have been striving in this that others will not be inconvenienced because of my tardiness.

WOW... I have a LOT more work to do--- here's to the future!!

And always remember:

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