Friday, April 20, 2012

Exciting changes ahead...

I like to make goals for myself. Why? What is the point? Mainly because I see so much work that needs to be done in me! If I hope to improve, I must set goals and work to achieve them (with the Lord's help) or else I will always be stuck back in the same old rut. I also find goals to be fun and exciting. I love to learn new things and new goals keep life interesting and fresh!

Recently, I revised my goals for this year. My new ones are as follows:

1. Be ACTIVE at least 45 minutes everyday. (Sunday is my only exception. If I want to just rest that is fine, although generally I like to do a little something in the afternoon as well.) I have been implementing this goal for the most part for about a month and a half. I feel like a new woman. I never want to go back to a more sedentary life again! Life is for the living!! Bring it on!! Whoot!

2. Learn to drive a standard. Yup. I will learn THIS year.

3. Be confident using firearms. I know the basics, but still do not feel comfortable using them. This is mainly from lack of experience. My goal is to target practice at least once every two weeks in warm weather.

4. Get out on the water at least once a week, either in my kayak or in my canoe. Also, I would like to become confident enough with my kayak that I could just take it and go paddling by myself. I so enjoy the water. For me it is very close to being a spiritual experience. It is calmly and comforting, (yet can be exciting, too.) Somehow, when I am on the water, I feel at home. It is as though there is a need in me to be out there. If you are a "water" person, you will understand this. For years, I did not get out on the water and I missed it terribly. It is also great exercise. I plan to be out there every chance I can get.

5. Build up the soil in my garden. My garden was just a piece of lawn two years ago and the soil is very poor. I am working diligently this year to build it up and have a bumper crop of produce in my little garden! As of right now about 1/5 of my garden is done. This is hard, satisfying work. I will reap the benefit of better veggies and herbs and am also reaping the benefits of the hard physical labor on my body.

6. Keep my furnace room organized. This room is the catch-all of the house. It is nearly always a mess. My goal is to KEEP it organized and tidy! So often people come through this room from our garage to enter our home, I cringe each time at the mess!!

7. One day out of every 10, visit shut-ins, people who aren't feeling well, etc. I SO often overlook this opportunity to be a blessing and be blessed! That's right, I go with the intent of being a blessing to someone and every time I leave I realize I was the one who was blessed!!

8. Be bold about sharing Christ with others- get myself and my pride out of the way! Our church has a visitation program once a week in the summer. We go door-to-door and meet people, invite them to church, etc. I look forward to being involved with that again this summer. I also want to be bolder in my day to day life to share Christ. By bolder, I do NOT mean shoving it rudely in any one's face but rather, telling others of the GREAT and awesome blessing I have in being a child of the King and that they can KNOW Him and have their sins forgiven, too!

9. EVERY day, spend time talking to my Lord and drinking from the Water of His Word. NO excuses. NO exceptions. Time spent with Him is the most productive time of the day and it is so precious!! All too often I do not "make the time" to be with Him. - I need to change that and do it each and every day!

10. Number 10, not my final goal by any stretch, but the last one I will post here. ~smile. This one I expect to hear a great "Hurrah" from many people in response to it! My goal is to be ON TIME from now on!! Yes, no more "doing one last thing before I go." I will be ON TIME or even early... is that applause I hear???


  1. any time you want company in the canoe call and fire arms practice as well

  2. Linda-- expect to get a call as soon as I can find a way to transport my canoe! :-)

  3. What a great list! I'm rooting for you...

    Amy Jo

  4. Great goals! Wanted to thank you also for posting the dishwwasher detg. I have been looking for something so I tried it right away, and your right it works!! Very cheap too! thought you may like this free online magazine Have a great day! Love, Denise

  5. Thanks for the great link, Denise! I love it-- so beautifully done.