Monday, April 4, 2011

It's tick, tick, tick, tick, ticking away....

"The past, present, and future all stand together." 
Our pastor shared this thought Sunday evening at church, to watch his message go here: 
 The Fullness of Time

The concept of time and eternity is one I have been trying to grasp all my life. I have a beginning here on earth and I will have an ending (physically). think that my soul will continue on forever


It is just too amazing to understand. AND to think that God has always been. He is Alpha and Omega. He is the beginning and the end. 

...To always have been? 

...To be the beginning? 

How does the human mind grasp that? I don't think as a person I will ever be able to fully understand it. I don't think it is possible. 

You know what? 
I don't need to understand the concept of time, because I know the One who created time and controls it. 

Knowing that God is, always has been, and always will be 
comforts me.
He is always there, never changing, forever
And I'm so glad He is. ~smile 

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