Friday, April 15, 2011

A Good Egg

photo copyright Penni Hill, April, 2011

I took this photo a few days ago and I keep coming back to look at it. Something about it is so pleasing to me. The color is nearly flawless, a perfect "egg shell" beige with a tinge of fleshly pink. The shape is more round than oval. (It fit so nicely in my hand and was so smooth to the touch.) It is an all around "good egg". ~smile

I am convinced that the little things in life really are the biggest blessings. Not in and of themselves, but the sum total of them.  It would be a rare person who would have GREAT blessings each and every day, but we all have tiny little blessings, numerous ones, every day. 

The problem is, we don't notice them. Maybe we are too busy to slow down and see them. Maybe we feel they are too insignificant to notice. Or maybe we are determined that we do NOT receive any blessings and so we dismiss them.

God gives many examples of small blessings in His Word. In Proverbs 6:6, He tells us to go to the ants because we can learn from them. In Matthew 8, we read of a small boy, who had several small fishes. Nothing too impressive there, yet they were used in a mighty way. How about the widow's offering in Mark 12? It was so small, if we saw the equivalent on the ground today, in all likelihood we wouldn't waste our time picking it up. Yet, God used it and makes mention of it in His Word.

Little things...

God sends along little rays of sunshine to brighten our day and to help us keep our focus on Him. Don't pass by the seemingly ordinary, simple, or small blessings God is sending your way today. When you add them all up, you'll see just how blessed you really are! 

Oh! And....don't forget to thank the One who has sent along those blessings especially for you. If we neglect to do this, we will have missed the point entirely and missed the greatest blessing of all - knowing Christ.

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