Friday, November 12, 2010

A Child at Heart

I'm 43. ~~Gasp!~~ That sounds so middle age-ish! I remember when I was a teenager I thought anyone in their late 20's and beyond were over the hill!! My perspective sure has changed. Fact is, I don't feel any older now than I did 25 years ago. I look older and am, hopefully, wiser but inside I feel like the same person. I am privileged to have a number of friends in the 65+ age range and they tell me the same thing. It is as though our personalities, our souls?, are ageless. For me, personally, I love the 40's. I really do. Each new day is a learning experience and there is so much I want to learn about. I have a great desire to become fluent in French, raise and milk goats, raise sheep for wool and learn to spin, become an expert (hah!) at baking different kinds of breads, learn to make the perfect pie crust, make soy candles, read the diaries and original documents of our "founding fathers", know the Father more, more, more, memorize long passages of scripture, know the names of and the uses of ALL the plants on my property, have a huge garden (I sure do love to hoe - must be a genetic defect or something, I know of no one else who feels the same way!), have a ministry working with and teaching children (Their enthusiasm is contagious! How can you not feel happy when you look into the face of a smiling child and hear their laughter?), learn to play the guitar, be able to give a speech without becoming a nervous wreck, ......the list goes on and on. In many ways, I feel like a little child wanting to learn everything at once. Honestly, it is a fun feeling, even if a bit overwhelming at times. This is such an exciting time....
Life begins at 40? I agree.

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