Friday, July 16, 2010

A little touch of Lavender

Because I have this blog, I did something today that I almost never do. I went walking with my camera. Usually when I go for a walk it is a meditative time and some little "treasure" will present itself to me. Today I went looking for treasure. I was a treasure hunter and I believe I found gold!! I found this petite little flower in the middle of my path in the woods in a very wet spot. The flower is so small that if I had been in a rush or if I had even been looking up at the trees at that very moment, I would have missed it altogether.

Isn't it a darling little flower? Notice the different shades of lavender and the delicate lines on it's petals.

Note: this flower is only about 1/4 of an inch in diameter. Here is a photo with a leaf near it to give a bit more perspective:

See how very tiny it is? I am so very glad I took the time to go out in the woods today treasure hunting. If I hadn't, I might never have seen this little flower. Tomorrow it could be gone, an animal could step on it or I might be in a big rush to "get my exercise" and pass by it all together.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at today's little treasure. Be sure to take a little break, look around and see what treasure awaits you today.

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