Monday, July 19, 2010


Last Saturday at 4:15pm we welcomed a lovely little treasure into our home.
Let me introduce to you Miss Beatrice Hill, Bea for short (because that is exactly what she is.)

We didn't realize she was to arrive until approximately 2 weeks ago and we are so very happy that she is here.

It is so amazing to think that just a couple of days ago she was still inside her momma. Guinea pigs are born fully dressed (hair) and with their eyes open. Within a couple of hours she was happily nibbling away on some lettuce.

I hope you enjoy looking at today's treasure as much as I do!


  1. Oh Beatrice is just adorable!!! I am sure that she will bring you a lot of enjoyment! Thanks for commenting on my blog!! I always love your comments! I love your new blog! Sending a hug! Love, Miss Purity

  2. love your new blog Mrs. Hill!! And the pics of your guinea pig are so cute :)Congats on being a 'grandma' !! ;)