Thursday, January 13, 2011

Critically speaking...

Writing is fun for me.
~This I have mentioned before.

Although, I know I am not a great writer,
I have a desire to write better and am working towards that end. 

However, since I started this blog, I have developed a bad habit. 
You see...
I tend to write posts then delete them. 

write them,
save them,
then delete them 
at some point in the future.

So many times, the words just don't sound right.... 

My previous post on France is an example of this. 

I wrote it.

Let it sit. 

Posted it. 

Withdrew it to drafts. 

Was GOING TO delete it.

Instead, I decided that I would reword it a little bit and post it again. And this is exactly what I did. Yay! ~smile~

Well. I have made a new goal! Even if I am not completely THRILLED with a post, I WILL go ahead and post it anyway! I will, yes, I will!

In the future, 
hope to be... 
really should be... 

WILL be...

less critical about my writing and will actually post more often and leave it there.... 

at least I'll try to...

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