Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Beauty of a Snowstorm

Snow. I love it.

I do not necessarily enjoy driving in it, but I do love the fluffy, white, cold stuff.

I love snowshoeing - although I go at the pace of toddler (no kidding). I love to go sledding down a really good hill. ---If someone is there with a snow sled to take us back up, that makes it all the better. (~wink) 

I love to make snow-forts - well, I have in the past enjoyed watching my sons make snow-forts. (~smile)  

And honestly, who doesn't enjoy a good snow ball fight?

However, my favorite activity in the snow is just going for a walk. For now, I just head out in my rubber boots, but when the snow gets deeper I strap on my snowshoes and head for the woods. I don't go far, that isn't the point, I just go out and ENJOY it. There is something MAGICAL about walking during a snowstorm. The world is hushed and lovely snowflakes are falling all around me, like it is a wonderland made just for me. The beauty of it takes my breath away at times.

It is so peaceful out there in the snow.  Somehow it dissolves away all my troubles for the few moments I am out there. I come back in with new resolve and new energy to continue on.

That beautiful falling snow that God sends to us helps to make our world a softer, gentler place. He could have just left our world stark, gray, and cold during winter but He chose to send us this beautiful snow. I'm glad He did.  

And it makes our lives a bit more fun as well. Don't you agree?



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