Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A goose, a shrew and a canoe!

My husband and I were once again blessed to go back to the same camp last week that we went to in early August. 
(NOTE: if you click on the photos, they will enlarge for you. Just click the back arrow to come back to my blog after viewing. :)  )
It was a different little visit this time. It was much cooler, which meant no wading in the stream for me. I love the cooler temps though and was very happy to meander around in the woods near the camp and along the stream. 
On one walk up the road, my husband got this beautiful picture:
This was a bit of a set-up. I love ferns (moss, too, they are so beautiful). I spotted this clump and asked Nick to snap a photo. Then I spotted this amazingly vibrantly colored leaf and placed it on top. I love the combination. It is a bit hard to tell in the photo, but the leaf had almost the look of fire along the yellow parts and I love the little imperfections on it. Imperfections give leaves, (and people I might add), character.

We only got to go canoeing once, but Nick got this amazing shot while we were out there:

Now, I could say he was able to get such an amazing close-up of this goose because the lady in the back of the canoe was able to expertly bring him right where he wanted to go in the canoe (he, he, he) but the fact is, the man takes outstandingly good pictures regardless of where he is. He would have gotten a great shot regardless. I do enjoy canoeing though. Nick snapped pictures and I paddled. He would say take us over there to get a picture of that and I'd gladly paddle us over (or turn the canoe around, what ever was needed) and then I would get daydreaming and he would paddle for a bit. It is so soothing to be out on the water.

We were paddling on the Deadwater of the Little Machias Stream. Deadwater is an odd name for it. It is certainly alive with wildlife. It is an interesting place though, all curves and turns. One minute you are going with the current and then you turn a corner and the current is against you. The current is VERY slow through there though, almost like being on a lake so it is a  great little place to canoe and daydream or snap beautiful photos.

I am so thankful that through the generosity of friends we were able to go to camp once again! I enjoyed being at camp so much, that when it came time to leave I was (shamefully) a bit angry with my poor husband. I was a grumpy shrew! Hate it when I am like that! I think unconsciously I just wanted to stay there for a bit longer (and go canoeing a bit more), hence the shrewish behavior, but alas, we all must come back to the real world eventually! And after all, I do love home, too....


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  1. SO glad that you were able to go and get away again. Nick does take amazing pictures and thank you for sharing some of them with us!! That goose photo is really amazing!! I also really love ferns and that leaf was really cool, too.\

    Can't wait to see you guys next week!!!

    Lisa (cleanin' lady)