Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Won't you join me for a walk in the woods?

I so enjoy walking in my little woods. Each time I go, I am blessed.

And since it is always fun to walk with a friend,
won't you join me today as I take a walk around my little woods?

Put on your comfy shoes and come along...

The first thing you will notice as we step into the woods is the smell. It is impossible for a picture to capture it, so just imagine a sweet fragrance, similar to that of crisp, fresh apples.

Next you will notice the simple beauty of the woods... 
just plain old trees and weeds, but when the sun comes dappling through the branches, the brightness and variety of colors will leave you in awe. 

(Please pardon my pictures. My photography skills are limited and don't do justice to how this spot truly looks.)

As we walk, you will notice that the path at our feet is a velvety green carpeting of moss,
 so soft, cushioning each step.

All along the path are thousands of wood ferns. Their leaves so green...

 and their tips all rusty as their season begins to come to an end.

 As we turn a corner, we see a small maple tree, only about about 3 feet tall, yet covered with leaves of the deepest brown and burgundy.

Across the path is another small tree with leaves that remind us of the Christmas season yet to come..

We walk on...  

along the way we encounter a number of fascinating creatures, (of which we get no good pictures)...  several tiny frogs, butterflies, bees, and a caterpillar so big - at least 3 inches long, so plump, so green, so intent on his journey that our stopping to look at him as he crosses our path, doesn't phase him in the least. 

We walk slowly, enjoying the warmth of the sun on our backs. 

All too soon, we reach the end of our walk. Here, we see an ancient rock wall covered in moss. We are tempted to climb up on it and follow it.. but we know our time together is growing short.

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed our time together as much as I did. 

God has given us such beauty! What a joy it is to get out and spend time in His creation!

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