Friday, March 2, 2012

One Fine Chick

Would I sound a little crazy to you if I said one of my best friends is a chicken? Hmmm.... just maybe. ~wink

I promise this post isn't about my chickens... well... mostly not anyway. ~smile

I have 8 Rhode Island Reds that are a delight to me. Seven of my girls are big, red and beautiful. Feathers nearly always in place and they are so beautiful to look at in the sun.

(Photo copyright Penni Hill, March 2, 2012. Please do not use or pin without permission.)

Then there is Prunella.

 Pru isn't as plump as the other girls. She is nearly always missing at least a few neck feathers - sometimes most of them are gone on the front. When wet her feathers totally "deflate" and she looks down right pitiful. To top it off, she is missing the end of three toes. Yeah, physically she is a wreck.

Here is the thing though, Prunella is very dear to me. She is the first one out of the hen house when I open the door, she will follow closely at my heels when I walk around in the yard, and she loves to have me pat her and pick her up. She is my favorite - I love that silly little chicken. She isn't much to look at, but she brings a lot of joy to my life.

This is Prunella.  ~love~  (photo copyright Penni Hill, 3-2-2012)

At my church there is a dear sweet older lady who doesn't have a lot of money and doesn't wear the latest fashions. She has a hard time understanding how things work sometimes. Yet, this little lady always has a smile. She never lets me pass by her without speaking to me and each church service when she first spots me, she calls out to me. She doesn't have an outstanding singing voice, yet she joins in singing groups and sings with a heart so cheerful and joyous that her voice is indeed beautiful to listen to. She is a loveable soul and a precious friend. I have learned a lot about joy from this woman.

Now, do not misunderstand me, I am not comparing my friend to a chicken!! However, it does make me think of how we look at the people around us. Sometimes we look at the bright and beautiful, the well spoken and think "Wow, they have so much to offer." (This brings to mind a message our Pastor did recently Three Cautions and a Call ) We look at those who are so obviously gifted with looks, intellect, etc. and so often pass right bye those who don't appear to offer as much. Sadly, many times we overlook the Prunella's of this world.

But here is the thing....

When we pass them by or don't take them seriously, we are missing out on knowing and receiving a real treasure.

Because they have a lot to offer...


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